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Real-Time streaming chart of gold prices today is available on this site. Serious investors would bookmark this page and come back often to check the trend in gold prices.

Following gold prices today, tomorrow, every day is a good habit of ever investor. Gold is a commodity investment and like other asset classes you must be aware of gold prices trend, since it can tell you a lot about what is happening on other markets (stocks, bonds, currencies ...); always think of inter-market analysis.

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Gold prices today (05-27-2010) are on the highest nominal level ever, around $1,200 per ounce. The reason lies in difficult global economic and financial market situation. Financial imbalances have never been greater following an extraordinary period of easy money. Many countries have experienced housing bubbles and massive increases in leverage, and global trade imbalances are at unprecedented levels.

As the dollar and euro are suffering one of the greatest meltdowns in monetary history, gold is reclaiming its place at the center of the global financial system. Gold's value, relative to most national currencies is soaring. The most extreme pessimistic financial analysts are predicting total collapse of dollar and euro on one side and growth of gold price up to $3,000, even $5,000 per ounce on the other side. Other extreme of analytics are reminding investors for quite some time now, that gold could be the next financial bubble and that there are no fundamental reasons for so high gold prices today.

Which group of analytics is right? Could be pessimists or optimists, but as we have learned through the last financial crisis, politicians are not leaving capitalism going own way, governments are taking actions to protect their economies and with that in mind, the middle way is probably the most possible way also regarding gold prices. As gold prices can still rise, they can also lose some of the value, also bigger changes in both directions are possible, but I don't believe in dramatic ones. You as investor must understand the reasons for investing in gold and be aware, that gold should be part of your portfolio. More is written on this topic in the article Why Would You Invest In Gold?

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