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Best online trading site for beginners about how to profitably invest in stock market today like professional online stock brokers do every single day.

Building an investment portfolio from scratch or optimizing existing one can be quite a challenging job, especially if you have no experience in this field. This beginners guide to investing or as some call it 'stock market for dummies guide' was build to help you manage your personal finance in the most secured possible way and by receiving optimal yield on invested capital at the same time; one would call it 'Optimal Investment Portfolio'.

Within best online trading site for beginners you will have the chance to learn basics about how to invest in stocks, understand several possible stock market trade strategies and choose the one that suits you best. We will teach you how important the stock market research is before investing in stock market, you will find reviews of the most popular online stock brokers and learn which factors to watch when selecting best online broker before you open an account. You can read tons of articles about different financial instruments, like stocks and bonds, or about one of the hottest topics in stock market investing in recent years: exchange traded fund investing or FX online trading.

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  • Find best online trading tips about where to invest money. Stocks, bonds, currencies, coomodities and ETFs are covered.
  • Enjoy tens of ready-made trading ideas daily in best online stock trading signals center.
  • Smart asset allocation is the key for long-term investors' success. Build yourself perfect investment portfolio with free money management software.
  • Contrarian trading strategy is recommended for experienced investors only. Be sure to know the major trends in stock market predictions center and not play against them.
  • Looking for more great financial content? Join some stock market events and get information from the first hand.

Some of the content we are most proud of and you might find most interesting within this website is tightly related to information traders and investors most often look for - it is about where to invest money and what future trends can you expect on stock markets. We have built many business relationships with reputable partners in financial industry to provide you some answers to these questions. The modules we are talking about are about where to invest money (all major U.S. companies, currency pairs, Exchange Traded Funds and commodities are covered, charts with short analysis descriptions are available and grouped by instrument), best online stock trading signals center (latest technical analysis for U.S. stocks of the major stock indices like Dow Jones Industrial Average, Nasdaq 100, and S&P 500 are covered, with exact entry, exit and stop-loss levels defined), long-term investors will be most happy with free money management software, allowing visitors to build perfect investment portfolio out of different asset classes based on your own personal characteristics, stock market predictions center, where you can find up to 8 months forecasts for major world stock indices, FX pairs, and commodities, next to 80% probability future price range, calendar of future stock market events happening all over the world (most important trading and investment conferences, fairs, and summits are described here with place and date of event so you can plan which to attend very easily) . While we are only allowed to provide you only part of our partners' content for free, you are always welcome to open test and trial accounts with them and try their subscription services in detail. You shouldn't even miss stock market articles provided by visitors of the best online trading site for beginners, who cover some interesting topics in the field of investing and finance.

And not only that! You have come to the best online trading site for beginners where you can also find information about investing in more conservative financial instruments like high interest saving, investing in bonds, selecting the best mutual fund and related. We cover more advanced trading opportunities as well, like online share trading, trading commodities (oil and gas investing), emini trading, how to buy penny stocks and what you should be careful about when doing that. You can also find real-time quotes and charts for the most popular stocks, stock indices like Dow Jones Index, currency exchange rates, gold spot, silver spot, and many others.

By the way, What is a perfect investment portfolio? It is a portfolio of several investment classes, an optimal combination of stocks, bonds, bank savings, mutual funds, ETFs, commodities, currencies, real estate's or any other asset that is possible to invest in. The most important thing to realize is that perfect investment portfolio has to be custom made for you only! Why? Because you have unique amount of money to invest in, you have unique saving goals, unique yields expectations, unique risk tolerance and unique time horizon of the planned investment.

Another important fact is that perfect investment portfolio is by no means permanent. It has to be updated and the frequency depends on your personal characteristics again. Authors of the best online trading site for beginners will do our best to teach you how to build an optimal investment portfolio.

We provide you a reach database of relevant articles and services related with stock market investing and trading. Majority of the content on this site is provided by team, while some is provided by our partners and external resources.

Whether you are looking for information about where to invest money, how to perform a detail free stock market research, learn stock trading strategies that work in any market conditions, how to select the best among available classic, discount and online stock brokers, or online stock trading review, you can find it within the best online trading site for beginners.

One of our broadest topics is about how to manage your money and stock market basics, where you can read tons of introducing articles to the world of finance. We have even brought you real time stock quotes and charts whenever possible.

We are also very proud of and would recommend you to read our online investing tools and resources list, which can be found in the main menu under best online trading sites. Again, this stock market for beginners guide to investing with tools and services of our external partners teaches you to be successful, but you will have to learn it on your own and this is a process, not a day work.

Let us finish this introduction to the best online trading site for beginners with one of the most valuable financial advice we can give you. Focus on risk and money management and accept only the risk you can afford! This stock market for beginners guide to investing will teach you money and risk management and a lot more. Be sure to bookmark our online stock trading service for more valuable tips from the best online trading site for beginners.

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Best Online Trading Tips - Where to Invest Money?

Where To Invest Money
Would you like to know where to invest money? Find out which asset classes (stocks, bonds, commodities...), regions and industries will outperform? We and our visitors summarize speeches of well known trading professionals in the financial industry presenting their views about the future of stock markets while attending the biggest investment conferences all over the world. You can find price forecasts and buy/sell trading opportunities for the most popular stocks and ETF's based on swing trading strategy on this site. You can find trading ideas for Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Dell, Amgen, General Motors, Research in Motion, United States Steel, Best Buy, Cisco, Bank of America, Newmont Mining, Applied Materials, Petroleo Brasileiro, Barrick Gold, and several other stocks. If you are more ETF trader, no problem, you can follow the trend in several stocks (SPY, QQQQ, EWG, FXI, EWA, ILF), bonds (TLT) and commodities exchange traded funds, like Gold, Silver, Oil, and Gas. Proceed to Where to Invest Money...

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Online Stock Brokers - How to Select the Best One?

Online Stock Brokers
Online stock trading broker is only one of many choices these days to buy and sell stocks, whose major advantage is definitely extremely low brokerage fees. But are online stock trading services really the right choice for you? Regular brokers can provide you some valuable services and tools, which can help you a lot, especially if you are a beginner to stock market investing. They can advice you on building your portfolio in the beginning and support you with advisory service later on. If you have some research and analysis knowledge and are ready to select investments on your own, you might be interested in discount stock brokers. Their fees are lower than those of regular brokerage houses, while their service is still on a higher level the online stock brokers. You simply have to find out what you need and then search for the best broker in the right category. Proceed to Online Stock Brokers...

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Stock Market Today - Real-Time Quotes and Charts

Stock Market Today
Active trading requires investment decisions based on real time stock quotes. Long-term investment decisions should be also based on the latest market news and events. Get informed about what is happening on the stock market today. You can find real-time streaming charts for major indices, stocks, currencies, commodities and other asset classes on this website. We provide you free real time intraday stock quotes and historical stock charts for major indices (Dow Jones, Nasdaq 100, S&P500, Euros Stox 50, FTSE 100, CAC 40, Nikkei 225, Hang Seng, KOSPI and others), currency pairs (EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD...) and commodities (Gold Spot, Silver Spot, Light Crude Oil, Brent Crude Oil). Proceed to Stock Market Today...

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Investing In Stock Market - Stocks Research & Analysis

Investing In Stock Market
The first and most important step of stock trading or stock market investing is stock market research. We provide you with a list of the most important things to consider before buying a stock. In the process of stock market research you will learn how to analyze global macroeconomic environment, research industry and sector and then proceed from macro to micro research level with fundamental and technical analysis of particular company and its stock. Proceed to Investing In Stock Market or directly to the following subtopics: Technical Stock Analysis or Fundamental Stock Analysis.

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Before the Stock Market Trade - Determine Your Strategy

Stock Market Trade
Read all about short-term stock trading strategies as well as investing and other types of money investing strategies to increase you probability of success on stock markets. Long term investors mostly buy and hold stocks and pick their favorites more or less based on how comfortable they are with the business phase the company is currently in; they choose among income, value and growth stocks. On the other side, active traders use endless strategies to earn some money. The either follow the insiders, use Fibonacci or Elliott Waves to pick winners, invest contrarian to then majority, trade gaps or other technical forms, some trade large-caps while others trade penny stocks, some only go long while other short as well. Proceed to Stock Market Trade...

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How to Invest in Stock - Money Mangement Basics

How to Invest in Stock
Brief overview of how to manage your money wisely in terms of smart asset allocation so that you will be in control of your money and avoid financial stress. Before you are ready to invest in the stock market it takes some time to learn how to manage your personal finance wisely. This means you have to save before you can invest. Buying stocks or any other stuff on credit can be a dangerous thing to do. When you are ready, you have to strategically allocate you assets in different investment classes (stocks, bonds ...) respecting risk management rules at all times. Proceed to How to Invest in Stock...

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Stock Market Basics - All About Stocks

Stock Market Basics
It is wise to learn the stock market basics before investing; otherwise your dreams about how nice it would be living out of investing can be blown away in a minute! We provide you tons of articles for understanding the stock market in a 'stock market for dummies' way. We start by explaining basic stock market content, like what are shares, why investing in shares, how the stock market works, what are stock and trading symbols, how can you buy stocks, what kind of risk is associated with stock investments, etc. Proceed to Stock Market Basics...

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Stock Market for Beginners - All About Stock Markets

Stock Market for Beginners
In this section you can read about how the stock market looks today and where are we heading, about constitution of stock market symbols, and presentation of the most important stock markets worldwide; US/Canada stock markets: Dow Jones stock market, NY stock market, NASDAQ stock exchange, AMEX stock exchange, OTC stocks, Pinksheets, Toronto stock market, Vancouver stock exchange; European stock markets: London stock market, Frankfurt stock exchange, NYSE Euronext, Russian stock market; Asia and Pacific stock markets: Tokyo stock exchange, Hong Kong stock exchange, Singapore stock exchange, Australian securities exchange, China investing, Investing in India. Proceed to Stock Market for Beginners...

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Overview of the Most Closely Watched Stock Indices

Dow Jones Index
Dow Jones Index shows how 30 large, publicly owned companies based in the United States have traded during a standard trading session on the New York Stock Exchange and is the most closely watched stock index in the world. However, there are several other important stock indices, like S&P500 index, Nasdaq 100 index, Nasdaq Composite index, FTSE index, Nikkei index and others. You can find constituents of several stock indices at and some historical price movement analysis as well. Proceed to Dow Jones Index...

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Indirect Long-Term Investing with Mutual Funds

Best Mutual Fund
Mutual funds are probably the most common way majority of people gets exposed to stock market investments and every investor should be familiar with what is a mutual fund, where you can find mutual fund quotes, charts, news, mutual fund ratings and similar. While mutual funds definitely have some clear advantages over direct investments (diversification for example), they carry quite high costs. That is why it is important to research different possibilities before you select the right option for your portfolio. Mutual funds differ regarding investments: money market mutual funds, bond index funds, stocks mutual funds, small-cap mutual funds, commodities mutual funds etc. Among best know mutual fund families are Vanguard mutual funds and Fidelity funds and one of the most used website for mutual fund analysis is Morningstar mutual fund ratings. Proceed to Best Mutual Fund...

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ETF Center - Trading or Investing with Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Fund
Exchange traded funds are the future of massive investing. Some experts expect them to replace mutual fund investments in larger part in the future; the reason is very straight forward, lower costs and better results. Read about basics of ETF investing, which is nothing else the investing in index funds. Find out which types of ETFs are available on the markets (leveraged ETF, inverse ETF, short ETF, small-cap ETF), what investment do they cover: stocks, bonds, commodities (gold ETF, silver ETF, oil ETF funds, cooper ETF, natural gas ETF, platinum ETF), currency ETF, REITs, on which area they are focused: country/regional ETFs (Dow Jones Index Fund, China ETF, India ETF, emerging markets ETF) or sector/industry specific (alternative energy ETF, water ETF) and several ETF families (iShares ETF, Vanguard ETFs). Proceed to Exchange Traded Fund...

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Best Saving Accounts - Start Investing by Saving

Best Saving Accounts
If you just got your first job and you start thinking about how to save and invest money, your first step might be opening a saving account. This way your money will be save, accumulate and hopefully not losing value. In the mean time, you can learn and get familiar with basics of stock market investing; reading few 'Stock market for dummies' books will help you on this way. But first thing first; there are several factors to watch while choosing among best saving accounts; among the most important criteria's are high interest rate, low fees and safety. Proceed to Best Saving Accounts...

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A Conservative Approach to Investing with Bonds

Investing in Bonds
Bonds are the less risky instrument that can be bought on the stock exchange, compared to stocks or any other stock related derivatives, like CFDs, turbo certificates, spread betting and similar. However, they are not risk-free, like many novice investors would think. One of the biggest disadvantages of bonds investing is low liquidity and high entrance level. Bonds were first mentioned as the instrument for institutional investors and not private clients; that is why they are still many times sold in minimum lots of 50,000, which is unaffordable for many interested participants. Many find bond mutual funds or bond ETFs as quite good alternative. Proceed to Investing in Bonds...

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FX Online Trading for Active and Speculative Traders

FX Online Trading
I guess everybody knows the fact that Forex market is far the biggest market in the World in terms of trading turnover. Every trade in any other instrument is in a way related to currency exchange. In the articles that follow we discuss Forex secret trading strategies, we reveal best Forex brokers and their reviews, you will find free Forex charts for America, Euro, Japanese, British, Swiss, Canadian, Australian and other currencies, in our Forex trading school you will be able to learn to day trade Forex, how to use Fibonacci Forex technical analysis, when are Forex markets open, which is the best Forex trading system, how automated Forex trading systems work and several other Forex trading tips. Proceed to FX Online Trading...

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Different Possibilities of Investing in Commodities

Commodities Market
Commodity investing is a very broad term. For private investors it is often very difficult or not possible to be present in spot commodity trading, because they do not have all the big warehouses to store what they would buy. There are even many commodities for which spot market does not exist at all. That means, that commodities are bought know and delivered sometime in the future. Instruments which allow us such positions are options, forwards and futures and by trading these instruments is the most direct way of trading commodities for most of us. With innovative financial industry many new instruments allow you to trade commodities today, like for example CFDs, spread betting, certificates, warrants and so on. Another interesting part of commodities investing is broad range of commodities available. You can invest in precious metals market, industrial metals, oil and gas investing, investing in water etc. You can also buy stocks of companies related to commodities or commodity fund. An interesting topic when investing in commodities is also selecting appropriate online commodity trading broker. We cover all this topics and more in the articles that follow. Proceed to Commodities Market...

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Introduction to Futures and Options Trading

Futures Options Trading
Futures and options are so called financial derivatives, because their price derives out of the underlying value. Underlying can be almost anything: any type of commodity (agricultures, precious metals, industry metals, etc.), stock index, stock, currency, bond, security. Both types of contracts require you to have a margin account open with your brokers, since both are traded on leverage. Leverage means that part, major part, of your investment if financed externally while you only finance a smaller part of the investment. Leverage can be good if things go in planned directions, otherwise it can be very dangerous. Futures options trading involves risk, above average risk, that is for sure and that is why you will see the warning sentence about how futures and options trading involves high risk of loss and are therefore not suitable for everyone. On the other side, if you don't use these instruments for speculation, you can use them for hedge. There are many different hedge strategies available, like for example buying a stock on one side and hedging the position with a short option on the other side. Proceed to Futures Options Trading...

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Best Online Trading Sites, Tools, Information and Resources

Best Online Trading Sites
With online investing tools, information and learning resources of our partners, stock market for beginners guide to investing has everything you need to manage your investments with confidence. We are proud to affiliate with some of the top investment professional companies in the world, like,,,,, and many others. You can read about their valuable services in informative articles. Some of them provide brokerage services, trading platforms, stock market data, news and information, while others offer you research and analysis and even stock picking services. Usually we have to pay for all the good things, but there is a lot of great investing content on the web available also for free. We provide you overview articles and links to real time stock tickers, stock market screeners and other useful stuff related with stock market investing. Proceed to Best Online Trading Sites...

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