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Last Trading Idea Based on Technical Analysis

Mon, 09 Apr 2012 - By - Subscribe to MPTrader Services, Free 15-Day Trial

Eye on Apple and Amazon

Despite today's downgrade by BTIG, the reactive weakness so far has NOT inflicted any meaningful damage to the overall Apple (AAPL) Point & Figure chart structure. To inflict preliminary damage, the stock must press to a PF print of 623, which should trigger downside continuation to test much more meaningful PF support at 619. A print of 618 will trigger near term sell signals, and WILL represent a near term PF top in AAPL. Barring preliminary damage at 623, the otherwise very powerful PF uptrend in AAPL remain intact, with a next swing target of 650.00. MJP 4/09/12 Let's also notice that Amazon (AMZN) has corrected off of its recent upside breakout rally high at a 209 print, into the 192- 191 support zone, which thus far has contained the weak- ness. The stair-step decline exhibits a completed correct- ive pattern from 209 to 191. As long as 190-188 support contains any forthcoming downside "over-shoot" selling pressure, the weight of techincal evidence in AMZN argues for entering, holding, maintaining long positions in and around current levels.


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About Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Official Website:

Apple Stock Price

Apple Inc is a US-based multinational conglomerate which specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing personal computers, software packages and electronic gadgets which it sells all over the world either directly or through its subsidiaries. Some of the main customers of this company include business ventures of all sizes, education and government sectors, individual consumers and large scale units.

One of the most well known products of this company is Macintosh and in this segment the company provides all aspects like the Mac OS X operating system, basic instructions, accessories, applications and even the server overview. Through its website, Apple also educates the users of Mac as to how it can be used in different fields like science, business, education and so on.

However, the image of the company as a pioneer that it is regarded today is courtesy of gadgets like iPod, iPad and iPhone which have revolutionized the very concept of entertainment and communication. Their popularity is not only indicative of the successful diversification from computers but also of the company's attempt to introduce and incorporate the latest innovations in form of user friendly devices. While there have been several generations of these gadgets with each new product being an improvement on its predecessor, the music section is looked after through the iTunes section.

The main sales channels of the company are its numerous retail stores in America as well as worldwide but the online stores of the company as well as its direct sales force is equally active. In addition, a vast network of third party cellular carriers, retailers, wholesalers and resellers also ensures that no corner of the world is oblivious to its range of products and services.


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