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Last Trading Idea Based on Technical Analysis

Wed, 04 Apr 2012 - By

MSFT Technical Analysis

Blue line signals more probable scenario, while grey line signals less probable one.


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About Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

Official Website:

Microsoft Stock Price

When it was founded in 1975, Microsoft Corporation was basically concerned with developing, manufacturing and licensing software products and services related to computing. It soon established itself as a leader in this field by introducing a series of Windows operating systems throughout the last two decades on the previous century and courtesy of this success it diversified into office and gaming segment as well. While Microsoft Office has been equally successful, the Xbox series as also the digital products have had to face a fair amount of competition.

Microsoft operates through five principle business divisions through which it offers creative solutions and inspires the emergence, innovation and application of new technologies. Communication is facilitated through the online services division of the company which has Bing and MSN portals and also Skype which facilitates connection via computers and mobile devices anywhere. Its business solutions portfolio includes dynamic products and services, health solutions, infrastructure software packages, developer tools and cloud platforms.

There is an office division which is inclusive of productivity related packages and speech technology investments and a phone division to provide software packages and services to support Windows phones the world over. Windows Live encompasses all commercial ventures of Windows including the Internet Explorer and the entertainment segment encompasses the fields of gaming, music and videos. While the Xbox gaming series feature Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, Zune Music and video provides entertainment in computers and mobile devices.

Being a global concern, the company distributes its products and services worldwide through manufacturers of original equipment as also a vast network of distributors. It is possible to purchase Microsoft products online as well directly from the company and from resellers as well.


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