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Last Trading Idea Based on Technical Analysis

Tue, 27 Mar 2012 - By

IBM Technical Analysis

Blue line signals more probable scenario, while grey line signals less probable one.


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About International Business Machines (IBM)

Official Website:

IBM Stock Price

Ever since its inception IBM has been one of the leading global suppliers of hardware and software related to computers and also provides services for machines having basic as well as nanotechnology configurations.

Products offered by IBM can be broadly categorized under four sections namely software package, systems and servers, storage and equipment which can be purchased online. The software section is mostly concerned with various management issues like software management named Rational, service management named Tivoli, collaboration software named Lotus and content and information management. Servers are offered to suit a variety of systems like UNIX, Linux and many others where as storage options include disk, tape, A-Z and so on.

Likewise, the services encompass various segments like business, outsourcing, information technology, training and financing. Amongst these, IBM's global financing venture is an identity in itself and facilitates support for software, hardware, commercial and asset recovery. Loans and leases are provided to internal clients as also end users and there are no boundaries as regards the provision of services as all sectors from public and industrial to communication are entertained.

In addition the company provides various forms of support as well like technical and developer. The former is meant for planning, installation, documentation and troubleshooting functions while the latter comprises of emerging technologies, design, libraries, information center and accessibility.

Pro-active customer support is also provided by the company and has played a crucial role in building its reputation. Apart from the FAQs' on the website, support can be sought by the customer for clarifying contracts and agreements, seeking latest information pertaining to order status and shipment and making payments and issuing of invoices.


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