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Infosys Tech provides innovative IT solutions to business and we provide chart, news, analysis and more information to investors who trade INFY stock.

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About Infosys Limited (INFY)

Official Website:

A global information technology provider which is based in India, Infosys Ltd provides a complete range of IT services and technology based business solutions to Global 2000 organizations. Having carved a prominent international presence for itself Infosys enjoys building strategic relationships which last for a long time so that both the client and the provider benefit from the domain leverage and specialized business expertise.

IT services offered by Infosys include information management, infrastructure, application, architecture and systems integration. Consultation services are extended in the fields of strategic information, product innovation, commerce as forecasted and expected, viability of process and putting into motion the complex cycle of change especially pertaining to knowledge. There are various services related to products also and most of them focus on aspects like engineering, manufacturing and lifecycle management.

Infosys has been a pioneer in global outsourcing and is credited with having introduced this concept in form of GDM, meaning Global Delivery Model. This principle entails that work should be completed from a location which not only has the best available talent but is also economically viable and holds minimum risk. Since then outsourcing has taken various forms and has encompassed many fields, some of the common areas being customer service, business, finance, accounting and human resources.

Over a period of time the company has diversified into various other segments as well like Finacle for banking solutions, Flypp which is a mobile application platform and iProwe which is concerned with Internet accessibility. Then there are various Cloud services and iTransform which is meant to enable organizations in the healthcare sector to embrace and switch over to new and improved platforms.


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