Free Stock Ticker - Overview of Best Free Desktop and Website Stock Tickers: CoolTick and Others

Looking for a free stock ticker, which will help you monitor the markets while accomplishing other tasks on the computer? We present most popular tickers.

Free stock ticker can be a handy tool for traders and investors to monitor what is happening on the stock exchanges while accomplishing other tasks on the computer. They are customizable to reflect the user's preferences, desired stock symbols, and can provide both real-time and delayed quotes.

Stock tickers refer to any scrolling or updated stock market information. They can run a list of trades made on the market; each up and down movement in a stock is considered a tick. Besides stock quotes tickers can also deliver other stock related content as financial news or charts for example.

A free stock ticker can be available for desktop installation, web integration or combination of both. Some of the mostly used free stock tickers are briefly described below.

Desktop Stock Tickers

Free Stock Ticker

Free Stock Ticker is an automated stock quote monitor, which provides an unlimited amount of symbols delayed at least 15 minutes. It offers easy access to detailed stock information such as volume, high, low and open. You can choose between two data providers, Yahoo! Finance or MSN Money. The stock ticker contains no ads or other annoying features, is fully customizable and can be resized to work on any desktop configuration. It offers an adjustable scroll speed and updates automatically.

Free Stock Ticker


CoolTick is an easy, small, intuitive, unobtrusive scrolling stock ticker. It's loaded with customizable options including your own list of as many stocks as you want to watch, it offers many different fonts and alarm bells that go off when a high or low is achieved, in the last version portfolio tracking feature was added. Its advantage is that it uses very little system resources. The drawback is that free trial version supports only two symbols; but for one-time fee of $19.95 you can get a registered version with no limitations.


Ticker Tape

Another cool, small and simple stock ticker program is Ticker Tape. It displays your favorite symbols, as well as their latest value, high/low alerts, trend and an online portfolio overview. The ticker can be customized in color and placed anywhere on your desktop. The ticker is unique in constantly updating portfolio values and offering a message board feature to communicate with other investors, however this feature requires registration.


MarketBrowser Ticker

MarketBrowser is advanced free stock ticker; this three megabyte download is rich in features. In addition to providing stock quotes, when a user clicks on a symbol the program opens a screen with different charts, technical indicators and deep research into SEC fillings; very handy especially for traders who rely on technical analysis. You need to register the program before using it, but it is free.




Website Stock Tickers


One of the best free stock charting widgets comes from FreeStockCharts. Anyone can use it for a website or blog, even commercial websites that want to increase their value. It offers streaming real-time data from BATS exchange, which do not charge any fees and no agreements, are necessary. Charts have customizable time-frames from 1 minute to 1 year; different types of charts are possible: line, bar, candlestick and custom technical indicators can be added to the chart. The widget is 100% JavaScript, build on new Microsoft Silverlight technology. It doesn't require registration, you just customize the widget and copy paste the iFrame code in your HTML editor.


Yahoo! Stock Ticker

Yahoo offers a web widget that can stream quotes for stocks, funds and indices. You can choose from three types of modules for your site - large (quotes, charts and news), medium (quotes and charts), or small (quotes). You can customize the data with up to 10 ticker symbols, adjusting the width of the display, and choosing the color scheme. You can also alter color schemes, time ranges on the charts, and much more. Yahoo keeps the process intuitive and simple. Results are delayed up to 20 minutes, so serious investors need look elsewhere. It's free to use and it doesn't require registration; you just have to accept the terms and conditions to get access to the code.

Yahoo Stock Ticker

NASDAQ Market Ticker

This graphical ticker will actually work either on your computer desktop or on your web page; when the investor is not browsing the internet market ticker is available on desktop. It includes delayed quotes, net change, percent change for NASDAQ, Amex, NYSE, and OTCBB stocks; it also carries 10 top news headlines. You can include a total of 50 stocks, most active lists for NASDAQ, NYSE, Amex and 10 indices or choose from two preconfigured options. It's free to use and it doesn't require registration; you just have to accept the terms and conditions to get access to the code.

NASDAQ Market Ticker


SaneBull offers a whole range of stock market widgets, but one of the best ones is the World Market Watch, where you can display live stock market data from markets all over the globe on your website. This widget is configurable to poll markets by continents and displays current price, change, volume and charts. The Indexes include MerVal, Bovespa, TSX, AEX, FTSE 100, DAX, CAC 40, NIKKEI, HANG SENG, SHANGHAI, STRAITS, NZX 50, JAKARTA, TSEC, SENSEX and NIFTY.


The main disadvantage of SainBull widgets is that you cannot customize their look, which can be a problem if you would like to have a more discrete integration.


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