Stock Investing Advice - Choose Among Variety of Sources to Get Stock Investing Advice

You can choose among variety of sources to get free or payable stock investing advice; letís look at the most popular sources to obtain stock investing advice these days.

You can choose among variety of sources to get stock investing advice; some are for free, others are expensive and the majority is in a range of $100 per month. No matter how much you pay for investing advice and trading tips, it is recommended, that when you obtain it, do your own analysis before you decide to act on it.

Let's look at the most popular sources to obtain stock investing advice these days.

Financial Portals

Financial information websites like Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, CNBC, MarketWatch, WSJ and others provides business news, stock market data, analysis, tools for investors and access to industry research. One of their most interesting categories is Upgrades/ Downgrades, where they collect target prices and overall recommendations (buy, hold and sell) for all major companies from different analytics. For the purpose of easier reading they have also build a scale of 1 (strong sell) to 5 (strong buy) for example and they rank every stock accordingly. Their biggest advantage is that they are usually available for you for free.

Financial Advisors

Stock Investing Advice

The most common providers of stock investing advice are financial advisors. We are talking about professionals who help the clients maintain the desired balance of investment income, capital gains, and acceptable level of risk by using proper asset allocation. Financial advisers use stock, bonds, mutual funds, real estate investment trusts (REITs), options, futures, notes, and insurance products to meet the needs of their clients.

The major consideration with financial advisors is their truly independence; it is important for you to check how your financial advisor is paid - "Fee-based" advisers both charge fees and collect commissions, while "Fee-only" advisers do not collect commissions, and thus do not face a conflict of interest created by commissions or referral fees paid by other product or service providers.

There are many financial advisors offering their services on the web. In the last few years they have specialized in narrower niches, so they can be found more easily. If you are interested in short/ swing trading with ETF's, you can check MPtrader for example.

Full-Service Stock Brokers

Stock Brokers differ from each other in the level of services they provide to their clients; full-service brokers offer also stock investing advice beside execution of the trades and therefore charge you higher fees for that. On the other side discount and online stock brokers normally don't provide trading tips. You can read more about different types of stock brokers in the article about Online Stock Brokers.

Financial Newspapers And Magazines

Newspapers and magazines are besides financial news and broad specter of stock market information a reach source of investing tips. You can find columns and articles in them focused strictly on investing and trading recommendations.

It is a good habit to double check all the tips and advices from this source, since there could be potential conflict of interest between readers and authors; authors of stock investing advice are very well aware of the power of mass media information and can illegally use it to drive the stock prices of particular companies, especially those with lower liquidity.

Financial Fairs, Congresses And Conferences

Many financial fairs, congresses and conferences takes place each year all over the world. There you can hear presentations from successful money managers and exchange investing ideas with others. It is recommended that you choose the right event to attend, since some events can be specialized on short-term trading or only commodities investing for example. It is also recommended that you attend some events outside of your country, if possible on the other continent; the broaden picture of the investing world and how foreign investors are looking at your domestic stock market can be a valuable piece of information for you.

Investment Clubs

The purpose of investors joining an investment club is to meet with other individual investors on a regular basis for the purpose of discussing the best ways of investing money. While the idea itself isn't new, the modern type of investment clubs emerged with the internet in a form of online communities.

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