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Read latest news about Research in Motion stock (best known by Blackberry) and find out what investors are discussing about it: is it a buy or sell?

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Last Trading Idea Based on Technical Analysis

Fri, 16 Mar 2012 - By

RIMM Technical Analysis

Blue line signals more probable scenario, while grey line signals less probable one.


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About Research In Motion (RIMM)

Official Website:

When Blackberry was introduced in the market, it was nothing short of a technological revolution in the field of wireless technology. The number of awards bagged by this product is reflective of its manufacturing company's ingenuity, and this organization, Research in Motion Limited (RIM) has never looked back since then. It continues to design, manufacture and market innovative products and services like tablets, Smartphones and integrated software packages which are used by people all over the world to keep in touch and exchange information.

The main focus of the company has always been Blackberry and it is an embodiment of wireless and push-based technology which has been the hallmark of handheld product line of RIM. Some of the prominent names in this series are Bold, Curve, Style, Storm, Tour and Curve and features shared by them include sharing information, email, phone calls, instant messaging and applications based on Internet and Intranet.

Hardware and software development tools feature on the organization's inventory list and most of these products are sold through communication carriers and distribution channels on a global scale. RIM also provides its technology to third party developers and manufacturers as well in form of support programs, wireless connectivity and software development packages with the intention of enabling them to improve their products and services.

Through a department named as Blackberry Enterprise Solutions, the company provides products like servers, server express, mobile voice systems and hosted services while through its technical support branch repair and non-recurring engineering services are provided. A catalogue named Blackberry App World not only educates the user about the product but also provides guidelines as to how to go about purchasing it.


Latest Discussions About Research In Motion Stock


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