Penny Stocks List - How to Find Trustworthy and Moneymaking Service?

We have compared top 10 penny stocks list websites as found by Google search and made a quick comparison of them, trying to find the best service around.

First of all, we would like to point out, how the research was done, so that you will be able to understand our conclusions. We started the research by being curious, what people find if they type in "penny stock list" in the most popular search engine - Google. We assume that people are searching for services related to penny stocks investing and trading tips, if they use this search keyword. It is not a surprise that Google returns 3,440,000 results, which is a lot. The fact is that most of people only click through top Google search results, which is top 3, top 5, top 10, while they rarely move on the second, third and other pages of search results, so we have narrowed down our comparison on top 10 services. In the research we focused on website layout and content; we did not subscribe to any of the services, we did not review the promising facts about profits! We simply wanted to know, if they would have convinced us to pull out the credit card out of the wallet and make a purchase of what they offer. The research was done on 14th of October, 2011.

Penny Stocks List

Because of the facts stated above, it could happen that some great penny stock services were simply not included in the research, because they didn't rank top 10 on Google for this specific search term; sorry folks, you should hire a SEO company to do some ranking work for you. From the time this article was written it could happen, that some services improved their websites significantly (maybe even because of this article - I hope you have sent us a thank you message), so you should get some fresh facts and not solely rely on what is written here. We also tolerate the fact that some services are actually great, but they simply have a poor website; too bad, isn't it, since they are losing a lot of potential clients. We plan to repeat this research after a few years time and try to find out if any improvement was made in this profitable trading niche.

So, Which Penny Stock List is Worth Your Trust and Money?

We would just like to mention that most of the search results on the second page and on were of very poor content and crappy design and did not instilled confidence; again, this was a very quick look of some of these sites.


Our rating: 6/10 points

The top Google result, rank no. #1, went to First look at the site is quite positive. The design of the site is relatively clean, not over advertised, although Adsense found in top navigation bar, center of the screen and Google search also implemented. They provide stock picks, offer chat, newsletter subscription; they write blog and also have some educational materials available. Sharing icons are available. Regarding the content, they are focused on daily top stock picks by gathering penny stocks shakers and movers from hottest penny stock boards on the web. Their service is free, since they only collect information from other websites and organize them in one place.

To The Top Of Penny Stocks List


Our rating: 3/10 points ranked second on Google for the 'penny stock list' keyword. The first filing about the site is not that great, you simply do not know where to focus and advertising makes it even worse. Regarding the content they cover the major penny stocks markets, hot penny stocks list, special reports, newswires, education, technical analysis and more. First, we did not recognize their service but after looking for a while it looks like they outsource OTCBB and Nasdaq market stats and based on a number of criteria they select weekly stocks to watch, where significant stock price movements are expected - not necessarily upwards! Momentum, important financials and news releases, strong technical analysis indicators, unusual volume or stock price increases as well as other criteria are some of the criteria they look at when selecting their weekly stocks to watch, which is a free service.

To The Top Of Penny Stocks List


Our rating: 7/10 points ranked third for penny stocks list. The layout is unique, they provide clear information about their company and Adsens can be found only in the footer section, which is very user friendly. Their main service is based on mailing list, where their stock researchers and traders send alerts to subscribers on penny stocks which their analysts think are worth investing in. over the past years their subscribers have made over +1000% gains with their recommendations (not verified data, but so they say on the website!). They publish profiles of the companies they recommend, which is very welcome in situation where you lack information. They threat themselves as penny stock experts and the newsletter subscription is 100% free.

To The Top Of Penny Stocks List


Our rating: 4/10 points has ranked no. #4. Authors claim to be in the penny stock business for over 10 years, which is somehow hard to believe if you look at their website. There is almost no design, content surrounded by a lot of advertising. It is good to see that they have clearly written at the start of the page that they do not offer penny stock investing advice; they only provide some information related to penny stocks. One of their tools they offer you for free, if you join their mailing list, is penny stock list screener (PLS screener), which has the capability of filtering the stocks on 7 key data points. Stocks that pass those filters go to human analysis for further consideration and may come out as penny stock alerts. They have also created another tool, similar to penny stock screener, which you can buy for $14.95. They also provide you some knowledge center, links to books, etc.

To The Top Of Penny Stocks List


Our rating: 1/10 points

Fifth place went to Another Adsense site; advertising on the top, bottom, left and in the center. You need few seconds to find real navigation and content links. Yeah, about the content, you will find mostly some penny stocks related articles here, probably similar to what is written on several other places on the web. Some of the content is even extracted from Yahoo answers, at least they claim it so in the footer section. We would say another disappointing site, which managed to clam so high in search rankings because of SEO optimization. We surely wouldn't spend any money here.

To The Top Of Penny Stocks List


Our rating: 3/10 points

Rank no. #6 went to Very strong colors are used on this site, the blue/orange combination, screaming directly into your face. In fist few seconds you have some difficulties about where to proceed, since there are simply too many of the website highlighted. Thank god there is no external advertising placed. In term of content, authors are trying really hard to get your email by subscribing to free alerts on the hottest stock picks from their pros. In the research section they provide some basic information about penny stocks, charts, quotes, news, financials, fillings, etc.; module outsourced by QuoteMedia. The 'Reports' section is where they provide some of their original content and describe the potentially penny stock investment, supported by technical analysis, business description of the company, some management data, recent news, potential catalysts and potential risks. Nothing spectacular, relatively poor content, got the feeling they would do anything to get your email.

To The Top Of Penny Stocks List


Our rating: 1/10 points

Seventh place was reserved for Messy, cheap design with a lot of advertising space is the first thing that makes us want to leave the site as soon as you get there. How can site like this rank so high? When doing some research on social medial analysis we found out that site has almost 3,000 Twitter followers, over 200 myspace results and over 50 delicious bookmarks. We were surprised about almost 30,000 pages of content indexed by Yahoo and over 7,000 backlikns; it looks like authors know how to do the SEO. They receive over 15,000 unique visitors each month to the site, mostly from U.S.

To The Top Of Penny Stocks List


Our rating: 4/10 points was positioned on eight place. This site is written in a blog form, where Portuguese author living in Germany, who doesn't want to be named with real name, provides a list of penny stocks to pay attention to on a daily basis. List is based on technical analysis signals like higher highs, breakouts, and so on with recommendation to buy, sell or hold the stock. Each blog post ends with sales, where author is offering private coaching to investors with bigger amount of money to trade via Skype. Monthly price of paid subscription costs $35. They also provide some past track record, which is of course not possible to check for newcomer to the site. Among very interesting statements found in the about me section is this sentence: "About 90% of my trades are positive, that means that in every 10 trades, 9 make me money." Hard to believe, isn't it? One of the things we haven't seen on other sites is possibility to join their penny stocks free forum, where users can discuss several topics about penny stocks. The design is simple, clean, Adsense is there, but does not interfere.

To The Top Of Penny Stocks List


Our rating: 1/10 points was ranked no. #9. This site looks more like a five minute SEO site focused on best keywords in penny stocks niche. The design is very basic, Adsense all around navigation and center of the screen, the color palette is not very well chosen. In terms of content they provide some penny stocks related articles on how to trade penny stocks, about penny stock markets, where to find penny stock picks and lists, etc. They add some external content to their writing as well. All in all nothing special, nothing to make us stay on the site longer.

To The Top Of Penny Stocks List


Our rating: 8/10 points

The last position, although it probably disserves to be listed first, went to This site is definitely the most user-friendly site of all 10 presented in this article to surf over. Nice clean design, very easy to navigate and without any Adsense. In terms of content their team focuses on finding those stocks that are undervalued and have a realistic shot at getting discovered by the crowd in a big way. To accomplish this goal they perform fundamental and technical analysis of hundreds of mainly small-cap stocks, which are heavily discussed on Twitter, message boards, different penny stocks newsletters, movers and shaker of the market or have managed to step out of the crowd in any other way. They serve you their findings and picks in several ways, like stocks buzz, market buzz, in form of hot stocks, stock of the week and stock picks. You get all this information on their website as well as by subscribing to their free newsletter.

To The Top Of Penny Stocks List


We were in many ways disappointed about the penny stocks list services offered to us by Google search. Most of the sites are typical affiliate sites with a lot of advertising, no real over-delivered content. They have mostly poor designs which are difficult to navigate. It is often not clear what the site is offering, when you first enter it. All of them try to get emails of potential penny stock traders and investors, looks like their primary goal. Not many of them are offering paid services at all; they use other ways to monetize the traffic they get.

Only three out of ten analyzed websites did meet our trust criteria to a certain level:, and All other sites mostly rank high because of good enough SEO strategy behind them. What is also interesting is the fact that high quality sites related to penny stocks niche, like the one from Peter Leeds (the Penny Stocks Professional) -, didn't rank in the top 10 for one of the best keyword in niche - penny stocks list. is different unlike any other penny stock newsletters, because they have the largest paid subscriber base, take no compensation from the companies they profile, have daily updates, enjoy media coverage (NBC, CBS, CNNfn, CNBC, Forbes, etc...), have a full six person team taking care about penny stocks research daily. They are also the only service with Peter Leeds, who is widely regarded by top media and individuals as the authority in penny stocks. Peter was contacted by Wiley Publishing to write his ground-breaking new hard cover book, Invest in Penny Stocks. Peter was chosen to speak at the AMEX's annual conference for their listed companies, and regularly led the panel at the prestigious Arch Investment Conferences in Manhattan. He was also contacted by Blue Water Media and O2 Media to create an infomercial about penny stocks. Recently, Forbes magazine also contracted Mr. Leeds to be a regular contributor to their publication.

If you think there is a penny stocks list website around, that is of good quality and should rank in the top 10 Google search results, put it in a comment box bellow with some positive arguments. If you think we have done injustice to someone, you are also welcome to argue opposite in the comments section.

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