Online Options Trading With Binary Options

When it comes to online options trading, Binary Options are taking the financial world by storm. Find out more.

Binary Options are the revolutionary trading tool that everyone is talking about and are to thank for opening the stock-market trading doors to a much wider audience. So what are these special trading wonders, Binary Options? Here we explain option trading...

Binary Options are also known as "all or nothing options" or exotic options and are preferred by many traders above regular risky stock-market trading due to their fast and high profit earn-ability, minimal risk involved and their simple ease-of-use. With online options trading the pay-out is always fixed and pre-determined from the start which means that traders can never lose any more money than what they had originally invested.

With Binary Options Trading, traders simply need to predict whether a chosen stock will move up or down within a chosen time-frame. Traders are given the opportunity to trade on major assets in the stock-market without risking huge chunks of capital whilst being able to make informed predictions on the direction of a stock rather than relying on the performance of a single stock to succeed in order for them to make a profit.

Optionbit - Leading Binary Options Platform, is a wonderful example of a completely comprehensive and forward thinking online options trading provider, presenting traders with advanced Binary Options Trading software that takes the phenomenon of Binary Options Trading to a whole new level. Optionbit gives traders the opportunity to invest with an entirely revolutionary sense of independence. With unique and exclusive trading features such as "Touch" and "Range" traders are able to broaden their "high/low" prediction choice to whether an asset will merely "touch" a pre-determined price or in fact whether it will land within a pre-determined "range" during the time before expiration.


Online Options Trading


Offering traders a huge up to 81% payout for in-the-money results, Optionbit are one of the highest paying platforms in the industry. Hosting a fast-growing index of 22 assets, Optionbit offers traders an easy and straightforward route to forex options trading on currency pairs such as EUR/USD, index futures options trading with indices like the S&P 500, commodity options trading on major and profitable assets like Gold and Oil and stock options trading with big names like Google and Microsoft.

One of the great things about online options trading is that you are able to trade smaller amounts of money on several assets simultaneously to further increase your chances of a successful outcome. Financial news reports and online updates are easily accessible around the clock and these are fantastic tools for making informed predictions on chosen assets. The Optionbit site has a useful feature whereby traders can review past expiries of an asset to observe past trends and patterns. Investing is made easy here with minimal risk, easy-to access helping tools and of course a big hourly pay-out of 81%.

Of course, it always pays to know that you are investing with a platform that you will receive the most for your money from. Optionbit trading platform offers its traders continuous and attractive bonuses and promotions throughout the year. To welcome new traders to their site, Optionbit offers every trader a 30% deposit bonus which is credited straight to their account balance upon making their initial deposit.

The advantages of trading binary options are endless and their acclaimed reputation makes trading in actual stocks seem like a thing of the past. Optionbit's trading platform certainly ticks all the boxes for traders looking to profit online, not to mention of course their excellent Customer Support team which is available round the "trading clock" via online chat and through telephone support. What is more advantageous than trading with Binary Options? Trading them through the most worthwhile binary options platform. And for this, Optionbit indeed passes all the tests with flying colours. Start Trading Now!

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