Free Stock Charts for Your Website

Are you looking for free stock charts to implement them into you website? One of the best solutions for US underlings can be found here... is offering a web widget for free stock charts that can be implemented in your blog or financial related web site. An example of such implementation can be found on this site.

Integrated free stock charts are fully interactive and use the new Silverlight platform from Microsoft to deliver streaming real-time data to you. All market data is updated through the most recent trade so that you can stay up to date with all the latest happenings on the stock markets. You can select among different chart types and many technical indicators that fit your trading strategy.

Silverlight is supporting all major browsers on both Mac OS X, Linux and on Windows. Particular care is being taken to account for differences in platform and browser capabilities to ensure a consistent experience including experiences on Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Charts are using data from the BATS exchange which does not require exchange fees or any other agreements.

Charts are free and easy to use and the features beat expensive trading platforms. It will take you about 60 seconds to get comfortable, but be patient; it's so powerful, it will keep surprising you for a long time. There is only one goal... to make you a successful investor in the stock market.

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Why Would You Use Charts?

Stock market charts are in use for many years, more than a century. The prime use of the charts is to identify the behavior of the stock market: trends in the markets, trend changes in the markets, the price variation of the stocks, the volume of stocks traded and many other such critical measures. Support levels and resistance levels of the markets are the key indicators for the traders to take appropriate decisions on buying and selling of the stocks.

There are many different chart types: line, bar, candle and others. It's important that you understand how to read at least a couple different types of Stock Market Charts in beginners stock trading, as one may be more suitable during different types of research.

We recommend you to check our intraday and historical charts overview of major stocks, currencies, indices and commodities.

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